• Written by Fatima Mohammed Habib

Tribute to my grandfather, Hon. Khadi Habib Alkali

February 1st, 2016 was the day I lost someone very dear to me. My grandfather was by far one of the most amazing people I had the honor and pleasure of knowing. Even more so, I am proud to say that I am related to this man.

Growing up, my grandfather was the life of the house, someone everyone loved talking to and always wanted advice from. In the small part of the world where he lived (Borno/Yobe States), everyone knew who he was and everyone always knew they could rely on him for any reason or counseling as the need for that arose.

Many of us in the family were inspired by him to what love meant , such as the trust, charisma, Kindness and many more good gestures. He always gave us (grandchildren) the best hugs. Granted, he knew how to

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  • Written by AHMED SALKIDA

Tashaku, head of Benue vigilante, an escapee Boko Haram member - Ahmed Salkida

Ahmed Salkida who has remained one of the authories on Boko Haram has in a stunning article, linked the leader of Benue vigilante group to Boko Haram. Salkida noted that in 2009, he disappeared with Boko Haram's arms budget and was detained for several times by the Nigerian Police.

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The Nigerian Killing Fields by Ahmed Salkida

There is an ugly, depressing reality of Nigeria that beggars understanding. The leaders and the institutions they run have generally been skewed to revere

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  • Written by IBRAHIM UBA YUSUF

What about E-Examination?

By Ibrahim Uba Yusuf

On January 2, 2018, students of University of Maiduguri commenced their first semester examinations for the 2017/2018 academic session. This time around, it was a 'derailing' from the traditional pen and paper or paper based examination. Although the e-exams have been a routine yardstick in General Studies (GST) since 2010 due to the large scale of students that register the course, this year, it was extended to all faculties. Earlier at the commencement of the session

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