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Exclusive: In an interview, Kyari says the North East needs to adopt ‘sense of urgency’ in solving crisis, or...



Kyari Bukar, MBA, is the chairman, Nigerian Economic Summit Group, NESG. In this interview with one of our editors, he spoke about a wide-range of issues—way into the situation in the North East (Nigeria) where he prescribed measures that will take the region out of its current condition. Though he said it may take long, in view of the devastation it has suffered, he allayed the fears in some quarters that it will take the region almost FOREVER to catch up the rest of the world in terms of socio-political and economic development, but…


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To start with, what do you do in the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, NESG?

 I am the chairman of the board of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group. The NESG is a group that is

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  • Written by YUNUSA BUNU

EXCLUSIVE: One Nigeria, meet Sotomey, a Yoruba man who provides thousands of jobs for Borno youths

Joseph Babatunde Sotomey, popularly called Tunde in Maiduguri is the Director, HIM Global Security. People visiting hospitals are familiar with the face, because he is always seen around government hospitals, holding a walkie - talkie, inspecting how they are secured. In this exclusive interview with Yerwa Express News correspondent, Yunusa Bunu, Mr. Sotomey disclosed his passion for securing and protecting people, what informs his decision to invest in the security firm as well as his

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INTERVIEW: What Inna, Borno Comm for Poverty, wants to be remembered for

Hajiya Inna Galadima is a household name in Jere local government of Borno State. An accountant by training, a renowned politician turned humanitarian, Galadima is one of the three female commissioners in Borno, heading, in this critical time, the state Ministry of Poverty Alleviation and Youth Empowerment. Shes also the founder of Inna Galadima Humanitarian Foundation. In this special interview with Yunusa Bunu, she speaks on poverty in Borno, empowerment programmes, begging, her foundation

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