• Written by ALIYU U. TILDE

State Police: APC has sold our security for 2019

Listening to the Senate Majority Leader, Alhaji Ahmed Lawal, on BBC Hausa Service this morning where he hinted the readiness of the Senate to toe the line of APC Restructuring Committee, the Presidency and Governors’ Forum, I am left with the certainty that the ruling party has traded the security of lives and property of many Nigerians for 2019 elections. It is a great tragedy that the temptation that was resisted by the PDP for sixteen years could not be avoided by a party that came to power on a popular mandate.

Before we discuss the matter in detail, first, let us listen to Lawal, who can be heard on the audio attached to this post, saying:

“We Senators have no opinion in this meeting except what people came up with. The President

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  • Written by TONY ELUMELU, CON

Empowering entrepreneurs in Nigeria's Niger Delta and North East


Since our first year in 2015 when we had 20,000 applicants from across 54 African countries, we selected just a thousand. In the second year, we got 45,000 and once more we selected just a thousand. Third year, we got 98,000 and again we selected just a thousand.

 Sometimes I wonder if we are actually giving hopes or dashing hopes. As a result, we decided to expand the access and opportunity by approaching likeminded organizations and individuals – including international development

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  • Written by Abdulhamid Al-Gazali

How Africapitalism can bring prosperity and change to the North East of Nigeria by Abdulhamid Al-Gazali

Very sadly, all our efforts to invite Mr. Tony Elumelu, the founder and proponent of this game-changiing philosophy, Africapitalism, to our anniversary on November 11 to give us a talk on how the concept, which he very fondly theorised as 'democratisation of luck', will bring prosperity to the North East and change the lives of the people, failed. To start with, I became an Africapitalist in 2015--if at all I was not born one; but my first contact with the whole idea was in October 14, 2017

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